Dynamic Connections: A Surfing Session to Remember

Apr 14, 2024 - 10:03amSummary: Had an amazing morning surfing at Pipes with a group from the Farcaster surfing channel, including Kyle, Michael, Jeremy, and Sam. Really hit it off with Michael and am excited to hang out and do some co-working with him. The vibe was great all around, and I'm also looking forward to disc golfing with Kyle. Starting to consider exploring North County more, given its proximity to friends like Chandler. Will is also interested, so it might be worth investigating further. It was just a super solid day overall.

Transcript: a really, really nice morning. Went to surf at Pipes with... Well, I met a bunch of these guys from the Farcaster surfing channel thing. And Kyle came out. Who else? Michael came out. And... Shoot, what's this other guy's name? Let me look. And Jeremy came out. And Jeremy brought Sam as well. And it was cool to just meet all of them and hang out and talk. Really enjoyed talking with Michael. Looking forward to hanging out with him more, for sure. Doing just some co-working or something. That'll be cool. And also... Similar... Like, pretty good vibes, just overall, I'd say. And I'm disc golfing with... Kyle later this week. I'm stoked about that. So... Yeah, overall, just super solid. Super solid. Lots of people in North County, though. So, I guess, like, maybe I should take a peek. And look at North County and see if there's... You know... Some good things up there. And I should be able to... To be looking at. Because North County, like, does have some benefits. In terms of, like, getting to friends' houses. Chandlers out there. So... We'll... We'll see. I know Will is down. And I love Will. So... We'll see. Somewhere else to look at.

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I spent a pleasant morning with Chandler, skipping surfing at Del Mar due to poor waves and opting to relax and catch up at Bird Rock instead. Over coffee and a croissant, we discussed my work and its effects on my mood, as well as his life and thoughts. It was a delightful time that included giving him a sweatshirt he was excited about. We're looking forward to a potential surf session later in the week, rounding off a truly nice morning.

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I had a pleasant dinner with my friend Kyle, although the Greek food at Hummus was greasy and not remarkable. Afterward, we walked to the beach, encountered an amazing drum circle, and discussed my work, which Kyle expressed an interest in trying, making me feel supported. Kyle imparted some wisdom, suggesting that sharing one's creations with others is the antidote to ego, which resonated with me and encouraged me to share my work. Along with this heartening experience, I enjoyed a simple, refreshing walk by myself earlier in the day, realizing that sometimes a walk is all I need rather than a nap.

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I had an incredible day that felt just like a weekend, even though it was only Thursday. After many years, I reunited with my friend Will Knox, who's back in San Diego. We spent the evening climbing and catching up on everything we've missed over the years, which was really fulfilling. It's amazing to have someone I resonate with deeply in the same city again. Will has grown a lot and we share many interests, including music, which he's eager to introduce me to more of. Our conversation could've gone on for hours, and I'm excited about further developing our relationship and introducing him to my other friends, hoping to integrate him into our climbing outings and social circle. Additionally, the day was packed with fun and food; we grabbed beers at White Labs Brewing, appreciating the unique yeast varieties in their beers, followed by a meal and more beer at Ballast Point. Earlier, I enjoyed lucha libre for lunch with Kim and Jordan, and started the day with rice and beans for breakfast. It's rare to have such perfect days where everything aligns so well, making me extremely grateful. I'm looking forward to the future, but for now, I'm just soaking in the joy of an unexpectedly perfect Thursday.

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Today started off wonderfully, albeit a bit late due to daylight savings time. I was particularly excited about implementing Jordan's UI design into the project, going through a significant update to the entire user interface. The morning coffee, a special blend from Necessity in Encinitas that I tried for the first time, was exceptional with its distinct passion fruit notes. Following this delightful start, I went climbing with my friends Patrick and Kyle at Mission Gorge. We tackled several routes including "Empathy" on the main wall and "Skyline" among others, experiencing both challenges and successes throughout the day. It was a blend of leading and top roping various climbs, a fulfilling way to spend time with close ones. Post-climbing, I returned home to some household chores, including laundry, with plans to cook dinner and possibly program for a bit. However, relaxation seems more tempting as the evening progresses. It's 6:30 PM now, and the night might wind down with me enjoying a show or simply unwinding in anticipation of tomorrow. Although no activities are planned for the next day, considering the surf conditions, it might just turn into a surfing day if conditions at Swami's are favorable. A potential plan to surf with Chandler is also on the horizon, depending on how the morning tide looks.

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This morning started off late due to a restless night dreaming about the Vision Pro, but it turned out wonderfully. I played disc golf with my friend Ryan and managed to get some writing done, which felt awesome. Later, Keith joined us for more disc golf, and we also spent some time slacklining. I biked to and from the disc golf course, adding a pleasant touch to the day. For lunch, I tried a new place called Chris Ono Grinds and had their volcano chicken, which unfortunately didn't meet my expectations due to its excessive sweetness. Despite that, the day was filled with simple joys like spending quality time with friends without any drama or expectations, just enjoying each other's company. As for the rest of my plans, I'm contemplating a trip to Culp Valley but also recognize the need to focus on completing tasks and making food for myself. Though I want to balance leisure and productivity, I'm aiming for a more significant focus to achieve meaningful progress. In essence, today reinforced the importance of connecting with friends and finding balance in life's activities.