"Morning Catch-up at Bird Rock"

Feb 13, 2024 - 8:40amSummary: I spent a pleasant morning with Chandler, skipping surfing at Del Mar due to poor waves and opting to relax and catch up at Bird Rock instead. Over coffee and a croissant, we discussed my work and its effects on my mood, as well as his life and thoughts. It was a delightful time that included giving him a sweatshirt he was excited about. We're looking forward to a potential surf session later in the week, rounding off a truly nice morning.

Comment: Morning with chandler

Transcript: I had a really nice morning with Chandler. We initially went to go surf at Del Mar, but honestly, the waves looked like garbage, so we did not go surf. And instead, we went to Bird Rock and just chilled for a couple hours, talked and caught up, and yeah, it was really nice. I had coffee and a chocolate croissant, and yeah, I mean, I told him about all of the work and stuff that I'm doing, and he recognized that clearly, a lot of the work impacts my mood and how I feel, so that is true. And we also just talked about what's going on in his life, how he's feeling, how he's thinking about things, and yeah, I don't know, always just a pleasure to have a conversation with Chandler. I really love the guy. So, you know, really, really nice morning overall, and got to give him his sweatshirt, which I'm stoked about, and he's stoked about, so that's really cool. And yeah, I don't know, we'll probably surf later in the week together, which will be really nice, and yeah, overall, just like a overall nice morning, and really couldn't ask for anything more, so. Yeah, pretty, pretty great.

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