"An Unexpectedly Perfect Thursday: Climbing, Reunions, and New Beginnings"

Mar 28, 2024 - 9:20pmSummary: I had an incredible day that felt just like a weekend, even though it was only Thursday. After many years, I reunited with my friend Will Knox, who's back in San Diego. We spent the evening climbing and catching up on everything we've missed over the years, which was really fulfilling. It's amazing to have someone I resonate with deeply in the same city again. Will has grown a lot and we share many interests, including music, which he's eager to introduce me to more of. Our conversation could've gone on for hours, and I'm excited about further developing our relationship and introducing him to my other friends, hoping to integrate him into our climbing outings and social circle. Additionally, the day was packed with fun and food; we grabbed beers at White Labs Brewing, appreciating the unique yeast varieties in their beers, followed by a meal and more beer at Ballast Point. Earlier, I enjoyed lucha libre for lunch with Kim and Jordan, and started the day with rice and beans for breakfast. It's rare to have such perfect days where everything aligns so well, making me extremely grateful. I'm looking forward to the future, but for now, I'm just soaking in the joy of an unexpectedly perfect Thursday.

Transcript: I just had a really, really pleasant evening hanging out with Will Knox. It's been many years since we talked and hung out in any capacity, really. And, yeah, I mean, it's so great to have him back in San Diego. We started out climbing this evening and just had a nice time catching up. I mean, we just had so much to catch up on. It's kind of wild. It seemed like we could have continued to talk for hours this evening. And really cool just to have another person in San Diego I really resonated with. Yeah, man, great person. Really great person. It seems like he's grown so much. We obviously care about a lot of the same things. I'm stoked that he can introduce me to a bunch of new music. He's just one of those curious people. And I love curious people. So I'm really grateful and fortunate to have Will back in my life. And look forward to hanging out with him and developing our relationship even further. Really, really cool. And I can't wait to introduce him to some of my friends and get him outside and climbing and also meet a bunch of new people. And I think that'll be really awesome. And I'm very, very excited. Very excited about that. Climbing with him was great. We grabbed a couple beers and went to White Labs Brewing. And they make yeast there. And you can try their different yeast varieties in their beer, which is cool. And then we went to Ballast Point and had a meal and another beer. And I'm on my way home now. But really, really fantastic evening. Wow, what a fucking great day. Yeah. I got to hang out with Kim and Jordan, too. We had lucha for lunch, lucha libre for lunch. And I had a little beans for breakfast. Rice and beans for breakfast. Overall, like, an absolutely wonderful day. It felt like a weekend. Grateful that I can take a Thursday like this and have it feel like this. I look forward to tomorrow. I got to pack and do things tomorrow. But. But, wow, what a fantastic, what a fantastic day. I really couldn't ask for anything more. Extremely grateful. Extremely grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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