cjs burrito

Whispers of Nature

North Park-San Diego, California, USA

Jun 12, 2024 - 6:30pm

There’s a butterfly on my fingers

A butterfly with orange and black markings is delicately perched on the outstretched fingers of a person. The background reveals a lush green grassy field bathed in sunlight, suggesting a serene outdoor setting. The shadow of the person's arm can be seen on the grass, created by the bright daylight.

"Gourmet Herb-Braised Halibut with Veggie Rice and Wok-Fired Broccoli"

City Heights-San Diego, California, USA

May 20, 2024 - 8:18pm

I make bomb food. Local halibut braised in tomatoes with veggie stock rice with carrots and garlic wok fired broccoli

A plate holding a delicious meal is showcased, featuring a beautifully braised piece of local halibut atop a bed of rice infused with vegetable stock, carrots, and garlic. The rice appears fluffy and well-seasoned. Complementing the fish and rice is a serving of vibrant, wok-fired broccoli, adding a pop of green and bringing a fresh, slightly charred component to the dish. The halibut is topped with a rich tomato sauce, which has been enhanced with fresh herbs, contributing both color and an appetizing aroma to the ensemble. Small drops of the tomato sauce are scattered around the plate, evidence of the dish having been just plated up. There's an impression of both healthfulness and heartiness to this well-composed meal.

"Duck Foot's Colorful Anniversary Bash"

Mira Mesa - San Diego, California, USA

May 6, 2024 - 6:45pm

More great font

A bright poster with psychedelic colors and a playful font showcases an event called 'Nine Trips Around The Sun Anniversary Party' set for Saturday, June 1st from noon to 9:30 PM, featuring over 30 taps and various attractions such as food trucks, games, live DJ, and a comedy night. The event seems related to a venue or organization called Duck Foot, which has multiple events listed, including a Bingo night called 'Ringo!' and a Trivia Night. There is a 'No Smoking on Patio' sign affixed to a glass window beside the poster and a reflection of a person can be seen on the window.

"From Balls to Lemons: A Juggling Journey"

City Heights - San Diego, California, USA

Apr 29, 2024 - 7:06pm

Hit the three ball cascade and now I’m juggling lemons

"Awe-inspiring Slackline Balancing Above Nature's Grandeur"

El Dorado County - California, USA

Apr 20, 2024 - 9:44am

CRG gathering, the three big lines

Three large, parallel slacklines are stretched across a wide, green valley, surrounded by rocky hillsides with scattered vegetation. The slacklines create a prominent feature against the natural landscape, connecting two opposing rock crests. A lush mix of shrubs and trees covers the slopes, and the sky above is partly cloudy with ample daylight.

"Balancing Act: Eliot Conquering Highlining in RJ's Tee"

El Dorado County - California, USA

Apr 19, 2024 - 6:59pm

Eliot on the highline wearing RJs shirt

Eliot is on a highline, a thin piece of webbing stretched high above the ground between two anchor points, demonstrating balance and focus. The highline is set against a natural backdrop of lush greenery and rocky terrain. Sunlight bathes the scene, indicating either early morning or late afternoon. Eliot is wearing a sleeveless shirt with a distinctive graphic on it, which belongs to RJ, along with a pair of dark pants and a hat. A safety harness is visible around his waist, suggesting a commitment to safety despite the high-risk activity.

"California Dreaming: A Serene Drive Through the Rolling Hills"

Wheeler Ridge - Kern County, California, USA

Apr 18, 2024 - 11:44am

Beautiful time to drive though California

A scenic view of California displaying rolling hills with varying shades of green and brown. The foreground features a verdant flat landscape with occasional patches of water and sporadic vegetation. A road barrier runs parallel to the bottom edge, indicating the viewer's perspective from a roadway. The sky is a clear blue with wispy clouds adding texture above. The overall ambiance suggests pleasant weather conditions, perfect for a drive.

"Harmonious Journeys"

Downey - California, USA

Apr 18, 2024 - 9:09am

More psychedelic font

A red semi-truck is pulling a large trailer with a graphic and text printed on its side, featuring a human figure in a dynamic pose with one arm stretched out. The background has a warm tone, suggesting a psychedelic design. Behind the truck, there are other vehicles on the road, indicating a highway or busy street setting. The view is from inside a vehicle with part of the dashboard visible, including a navigation screen that displays a map and some driving metrics.

"Tango of Colors: Sunset Cliffs at Dusk"

Point Loma - San Diego, California, USA

Apr 16, 2024 - 1:40pm

A beautiful day at sunset cliffs, fun surf

A hand is holding a small painting that depicts a serene coastal scene with vibrant blue water, a pale sandy beach, and a yellow sky, suggesting dusk or dawn. The painting is aligned with the actual coastal background, blending art with reality. The coastal background features a clear blue sky and a lively field of wild yellow flowers. There appears to be a cliff edge with a guarding rail, and beyond it the calm blue ocean extends to the horizon.

"Sweet Sunrise at the Donut Factory"

North Park - San Diego, California, USA

Apr 15, 2024 - 6:10pm


The scene includes the front view of a business establishment named 'DONUT factory' with a distinctive red signage over a green exterior. It appears to be a sunny day with clear skies. Parked in front are several vehicles, including a Volkswagen SUV in the foreground and a black Chevrolet SUV to its right. The parking lot is paved, and the establishment is single-story with a sloping roof that shows signs of weathering. There is a sign indicating 'PUBLIC PARKING' beside the entrance of the building.