A Day of Climbing, Coffee, and Contemplation

Mar 10, 2024 - 6:22pmSummary: Today started off wonderfully, albeit a bit late due to daylight savings time. I was particularly excited about implementing Jordan's UI design into the project, going through a significant update to the entire user interface. The morning coffee, a special blend from Necessity in Encinitas that I tried for the first time, was exceptional with its distinct passion fruit notes. Following this delightful start, I went climbing with my friends Patrick and Kyle at Mission Gorge. We tackled several routes including "Empathy" on the main wall and "Skyline" among others, experiencing both challenges and successes throughout the day. It was a blend of leading and top roping various climbs, a fulfilling way to spend time with close ones. Post-climbing, I returned home to some household chores, including laundry, with plans to cook dinner and possibly program for a bit. However, relaxation seems more tempting as the evening progresses. It's 6:30 PM now, and the night might wind down with me enjoying a show or simply unwinding in anticipation of tomorrow. Although no activities are planned for the next day, considering the surf conditions, it might just turn into a surfing day if conditions at Swami's are favorable. A potential plan to surf with Chandler is also on the horizon, depending on how the morning tide looks.

Transcript: Yeah, really wonderful morning. I got to implement Jordan's UI. And I mean, other than the devs mode, but I basically updated the entire UI, which I'm super stoked about. I had coffee. It was a late start to the day because of daylight savings time. And the coffee was incredible this morning. I got it from Necessity in Encinitas the other day. And yeah, wow, the passion fruit and everything comes through it. I'm really excited to make another cup. And yeah, holy shit. Enjoy the rest of it. And then I went climbing with Patrick and Kyle. And we started off, we met Patrick at like kind of lunch rock area at Mission Gorge. And we climbed first, I believe, skyline. Well, we climbed skyline, skyline a red. What else did we climb? We climbed empathy at main wall. Empathy I led, though the first two quick draws were in. And I kind of did cheater stuff off to the right, I think, plus a hand jam that probably wasn't on. Still was able to send it given those concessions. It was a 510B. And then we had skyline. And let's see, skyline pinnacle, which I believe I did do. Maybe not all the way to the top. I'm not 100% sure. There's mission control. Let me see. Okay, I did skyline face five seven plus true skyline, a red five eight, and orange walk 10 C skyline face. I led and then true skyline a red. We top roped and same thing. Orange walk. We also top roped, but it was a nice day with with the homies, Kyle and Patrick. And yeah, I don't know. Solid, solid day so far. I'm going to cook dinner. I put laundry in the laundry machine, so hopefully we'll finish that off. You know, we'll see what happens the rest of the day. I did only program two and a half hours today. There's a chance that I jump on the computer towards the evening. But I also might just like end up relaxing. It is 6:30 right now. I do need to cook still. I do need a shower still. So yeah, there's these like few little things that probably will just eat up some time. And by the time I get to the evening, like I might watch Atlanta and just like, you know, see what happens. Um, maybe I'll smoke some weed and just enjoy the rest of the night before waking up tomorrow. Um, I don't have any activity planned for tomorrow at the moment. Um, I should check the surf to see if there is any possibility that it's worth surfing tomorrow. It is four to five tomorrow. And there is a low tide in the morning. So, and then there's also a low tide in the afternoon. But it does say it will be good. Um, it might be worth going up to Swami's and getting some food. And then there's also some waves. I should text Chandler and find out if we should serve.

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