"Balancing Friendship and Productivity: A Day in the Life of Simple Joys"

Mar 8, 2024 - 1:51pmSummary: This morning started off late due to a restless night dreaming about the Vision Pro, but it turned out wonderfully. I played disc golf with my friend Ryan and managed to get some writing done, which felt awesome. Later, Keith joined us for more disc golf, and we also spent some time slacklining. I biked to and from the disc golf course, adding a pleasant touch to the day. For lunch, I tried a new place called Chris Ono Grinds and had their volcano chicken, which unfortunately didn't meet my expectations due to its excessive sweetness. Despite that, the day was filled with simple joys like spending quality time with friends without any drama or expectations, just enjoying each other's company. As for the rest of my plans, I'm contemplating a trip to Culp Valley but also recognize the need to focus on completing tasks and making food for myself. Though I want to balance leisure and productivity, I'm aiming for a more significant focus to achieve meaningful progress. In essence, today reinforced the importance of connecting with friends and finding balance in life's activities.

Transcript: I just want to reflect on a really nice morning. You know, got up a bit late because I couldn't fall asleep and had dreams of being in the Vision Pro, which is very odd. But went and played disc golf with Ryan and got a bit of writing done this morning. And that was awesome. And I met Keith and we played disc golf together with Ryan. And then we went in slackline for a bit and I biked to the disc golf course. So that was nice. And biked home. I went to Chris Ono Grinds for lunch. Which is a new place that I've never been before. Got the volcano chicken and it was very mediocre. I would not get that again. I don't know about the rest of the place, but I did not enjoy that dish. Super way, way, way, way, way, way too sweet. It was like eating sugar. But yeah, I mean, just getting to like slow down and hang out with someone. The expectation is just like show up and like have a good time. And there's nothing else like, God damn, how good that feels, you know, just to be able to be like real with a person and there's nothing crazy going on. There's no drama. It's just like, let's have a good time. So I really appreciated going and slacklining and disc golfing with Ryan. And I'm stoked to do it again next, next Tuesday. So yeah, honestly, at this point, I mean, I, I want to go out to Culp Valley, but I'm also like, kind of want to get things done. And you know, I have a list of things that I want to get done and I also need to make food for myself. Um, so we'll see, we'll see if I end up making out to Culp for sure. I'm going to Mission Gorge. So I don't know. Maybe I, maybe I don't go to Culp this weekend. Maybe that's okay. Um, there there's going to be time. So, and maybe the time is in the middle of the week sometime. I don't know. But what I do know is like, I do really want to, uh, have some focus and hone in on like what needs to be done and like, not, not faffing about as I have, like needing, needing that like point of like, this is where I'm getting by the end of the week instead of kind of just like small projects I can do in a day. I need that bigger focus coming back in. So either I need to do writing to figure that out or putting the whole thing together and collapsing it or I don't know, something like this because yeah, I don't know at the moment it's just a bit too much or just collapsing all these small pieces and like if that's what it is, that's what it is. Like, I'm just gonna work on a small piece. Every day. Um, so yeah, that's kind of how I'm going so far. And yeah. Thank you.

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