"Rambling through a Day of Culinary Delights and Local Discoveries"

Feb 11, 2024 - 1:39pmSummary: Had a decent time trying ramen at Kitakata Ramen, enjoyed the gyoza with yuzu chili paste, and contemplated buying some for home use. Made a routine stop at Costco for necessities, including chicken, oil, and a nod to a growing sparkling water habit, then visited Camellia Road, a favored spot. Met Caroline, a coffee roaster and owner of Cozy Canine Coffee, where a purchase supports the San Diego Humane Society. Wrapped up the day considering whether to watch the Super Bowl while multitasking with work-related tasks.

Comment: Afternoon

Transcript: So interesting little afternoon. Went to go get some ramen at, uh, what is it? What was the name of that place? Kitakata Ramen. And it was all right. The gyoza was nice. And I got the yuzu kind of chili paste stuff, which is that shit I just love. I really want to get something for myself. That would be really, really nice, just so I can do it with gyoza or anything that I make at home. It's just so delicious. And then I went to Costco, got stuff from Costco, mostly chicken and oil and sparkling water, because I guess I have a sparkling water addiction. And then went to Camellia Road, because I really wanted to get, you know, any time I'm in the convoy area, it's just like a habit. Like, Camellia Road's so good. I haven't been there in probably a couple weeks, and I love the place. So it was good. And then they also, I forget the name of the shop, but I met Caroline just now. And Caroline is the owner, or she's a coffee roaster. I just ran out of coffee, and so I got a coffee from her. And oh, the company is Cozy Canine Coffee, and $1 per bag goes to the San Diego Humane Society. So nice little, just like, jaunt through the afternoon. Super Bowl is coming up, I guess. I don't know if I'm going to watch. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Um, yeah, maybe just, we'll see where my brain goes. But yeah, there's like, so much to do or think about. Like, I'll probably try to put on the Super Bowl, and also maybe, like, work on the Excel sheet at the same time, or finish search, or, you know, something like that. We'll see. So, yeah, that's kind of the afternoon.

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