"Feeling Disappointed: Super Bowl, Work, and Unresolved Uncertainties"

Feb 11, 2024 - 9:13pmSummary: Today involved watching the Super Bowl, feeling disappointed about the 49ers' loss, and preparing meals including steak for dinner with more food like ramen and salmon for the coming days. Personal achievements included some work on a spreadsheet project and watching educational videos by Andrej Karpathy. Despite also updating the main burrito.place website, feelings of underachievement persist due to slow progress on a project and unresolved uncertainties. Plans for tomorrow include surfing at Swammy's and confronting the aforementioned uncertainties.

Comment: Evening time

Transcript: So evening time today was interesting, I guess. Super Bowl, but also worked on the spreadsheet thing. Honestly, it was OK. Bummed the Niners lost. Made steak for dinner, and that was good. And have food for tomorrow, have ramen, probably for lunch. I have salmon, and I have steak. So at least a couple meals covered, which I'm pretty happy about. My plan for tomorrow is to go surf at Swammy's, I think. Maybe I should check the tide for OB, but I think Swammy's is going to be the move tomorrow. And yeah, it kind of was just like a, yeah, I don't know. The day was all right. Well, that's all I'll say. It was all right. I kind of wish that I did more. I almost intentionally took it off. I mean, I did watch Andrej Karpathy's videos this morning, which I was pretty happy about. Yeah, I just felt a bit slow, didn't actually make significant progress on project or funding. And I think a lot of it is mostly due to my own uncertainty and not wanting to sit with it, quite frankly. So that's really for tomorrow. I also did ship search to the main burrito.place website. So in all, really not bad for a weekend day. But for my standards for myself, I think it is a bit low.

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"Finding Purpose in Meal Planning"

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Today felt slow despite accomplishing a fair amount, and it's all a matter of perspective. Breakfast was a delightful avocado and egg bagel, followed by a lunch of leftovers, yet there was a tinge of regret after giving in to Chick-fil-A, contrary to intentions to cut down on fast food. Tomorrow's meals are planned to be eggs for breakfast and ramen for lunch, highlighting a current scarcity of food at home. There's enthusiasm about meal planning, which has proved to be convenient, relieving mental pressure, and the hope is to continue this positive trend in the coming weeks.

"Finding Gratitude: A Day of Surfing at Swami's"

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This project serves as a reminder to be grateful, mostly because reflections revolve around things that bring happiness and gratitude, highlighting a positive default mindset. After a morning surf at Swami's with a longboard lent by Kyle, the experience was a mix of thrilling drops and spills, as well as an adjustment to the board's different feel and the technique required to maneuver it. The waves at Swami's were mellow enough to encourage trying without much fear, making the session enjoyable despite a few wipeouts. Despite the stormy conditions with wind and rain, the day turned out better than expected, providing mediocre to good waves for surfing, making it a pleasantly surprising day.

"Rejuvenated and Ready for Productivity"

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I had a relaxing day but I'm looking forward to starting work tomorrow, feeling rejuvenated and eager to dive into my tasks. Although I enjoyed my downtime, by evening I was ready to be productive again. My plans include making a dashboard live, getting feedback, and building new UI components, acknowledging that these projects will take time. For the rest of the evening, I plan to relax after having chicken and asparagus for dinner, and I might do some shopping tomorrow or possibly wait until Wednesday.

Reunion, Reflections, and Potential Growth

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Today was eventful with a pleasant dinner party I hosted for Caroline, Patrick, and Kyle, reuniting this group for the first time in two years. The evening was filled with meaningful conversations, vulnerability, and appreciation for the company. I also visited Nick to help with their business spreadsheets, exploring potential additional income. Tomorrow's plans include a bike ride to Mnemonic to spend time writing and reflecting on recent discussions, fueled by energy and an espresso.

"Morning Musings: Neural Networks, Coffee, and Menu Decisions"

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I spent the morning watching Andrej Karpathy's videos on neural networks and trying to grasp backpropagation and transformer neural networks but still lack a solid understanding. I missed breakfast but did have coffee, and now I plan to go to Costco and grab lunch, unsure where. I also had a pleasant check-in call with Austin about the project, which I appreciated. For dinner, I'm undecided between cooking salmon or steak.

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"Productive Monday Morning: Projects, Intentions, and Explorations"


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The speaker did not complete their weekly review, which usually provides clarity and insights for the upcoming week. Despite this, they have many projects, personal life commitments, and community efforts to attend to, not to mention taxes. They plan to set week intentions using voice instead of writing, including the exploration of websites for the Diagram Website Explorers Club and developing a Canvas element-based editor for Daily Jam. The technical aspects of this project involve real-time data updates, efficient pixel manipulation, and secure user authentication through tokenization. A function is set to run every five seconds to update the canvas with the latest pixel data, ensuring all viewers see a consistent image while minimizing performance impacts. Other tasks include preparing tax paperwork, organizing Boulder events for systems and AI, and sketching ideas for a project called "co-net." The intention is to spend more time outdoors in the nice weather and to schedule the next "Site Craft Hang," while thinking about potential content for the "Explorers Club" website. Overall, it's a productive Monday morning with good weather contributing to a positive start to the week.

"Finding Fulfillment in Unexpected Conversations"


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I fulfilled my 2024 goal of deepening relationships tonight. I rode my bike looking for puddles to splash in after the rain, but found none. Instead, I had a rewarding conversation with Claire and Sam at Ichiban. This interaction was very satisfying.

"Exploring Collaborative Event Planning and Online Community Dynamics"


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After a hike, I encountered Steph, leading to ongoing communication about hosting events. We discussed her co-organized salon on the AI alignment problem in March and my interest in hosting a website-building event during startup week, potentially in April or May. We also contemplated a tool for managing our projects and events, like a specialized project management software. Further, we talked about the connection between online communities and the physical gatherings they can inspire, emphasizing the cyclical relationship between the two.

"Unlocking the World of Diagram Websites"


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I embarked on an exploration of diagram websites and found a vast amount of content – about 200 unique sites with diverse styles and topics. Ellie's effective categorization into tags and categories helps navigate through them, but the sheer volume presents a risk of overwhelming users. I've discovered personal connections within these sites, including a project I co-signed and work by Weiwei and Spencer. To engage others and prevent information overload on Friday, I'm considering creating a broad scavenger hunt to make the exploration process more interactive and thought-provoking.

"Burrito Place Week Ahead"


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A hand-drawn sketch resembling a web or mobile application interface. It features a header with the text 'burrito.place' followed by a subtitle stating 'my intention this week is to:'. Below the subtitle are two sections, one with the word 'entries' and another with squiggly lines suggesting content. There's a button or tab at the top right of the second section labeled with the word 'update'. The bottom of the sketch has a drawing that appears to represent a wave or a mountain.