"Leisurely Morning Adventures"

Feb 10, 2024 - 4:29pmSummary: This morning, after sleeping in, I enjoyed a slow start, making eggs with shallots and riding my bike to Mnemonic for a unique and fantastic espresso. I spent around two hours at Mnemonic writing and thinking, followed by a bike ride to Tacos El Gordo before returning home. Back home, I experimented with purified water for coffee brewing and general health reasons, purchasing three gallons from OB Water to see if it makes a difference. I'm ending my day with plans to read "Positioning" and acknowledging that my to-do list will likely extend into the weekend.

Comment: My day so far

Transcript: This morning was really nice. It was a bit slow. And it's interesting, now it's 4.30, so in some sense it feels like still morning, which is interesting, because the day feels like it's really just beginning. Probably some of that is a byproduct of sleeping in. But... I rode my bike to Mnemonic, which was really nice. Before that, I made myself some eggs with shallots, and that was pretty nice. And I went to Mnemonic for coffee, and I met Sarah, the barista, and that espresso was pretty fantastic to my palate. Something I'd never tasted before in coffee. So that was really, really great. And the energy in there, generally, I just enjoyed being in there. I wrote just on my notebooks for probably two hours, maybe two and a half hours, mostly just writing and thinking and everything, and kind of more or less have a single page kind of dedicated to the aspects which I may want to cover, and that I can use for positioning, effectively. And after Mnemonic, I rode over to Tacos El Gordo, and then I rode home. And after riding home, I've been really wanting to experiment with water, mostly for coffee, seeing if there is any impact to the coffee brewing that improves as a result of water. And also, part of me is interested for health reasons. I don't know. I generally think American water is safe, but I also don't know, and I wonder if there will be any impact to drinking purified water with good filtration systems and things. So I got three gallons, and we'll see. And that was from OB Water. And yeah, we'll give it a try and see how it is, how the water is. The taste is not super discernibly different to me. I mean, it is. But yeah, I'm curious to see, ultimately, how that is. And yeah, I guess I'm sitting here now about to read Positioning. I don't know how much I will read, but I'll read at least some. And then it'll be in the evening shortly here. So I'll kind of see. I do have a bunch of things on my list to do for today still, but realistically, those are probably gonna be for the entire weekend. So we'll see. But yeah, that's a little update thus far.

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