"Adapting to the Late-Night Energy Surge"

Feb 11, 2024 - 10:04pmSummary: The speaker has noticed an increase in energy in the evenings after getting up late over the weekend, leading to late nights. They are considering adjusting their schedule in response to this new pattern, as they do not enjoy waking up late. Despite experiencing a midday lull, their energy typically surges back, which they suggest might be related to their meal patterns, particularly after dinner. They also express a sense of restlessness, as they feel a desire for a break yet find nothing sufficiently entertaining, indicating their mind may not truly want to rest.

Transcript: I didn't mention it earlier, but maybe it's just getting up very late this weekend, but a lot of energy is coming to me in the evenings now, um, at least the last couple days. And I mean, so much so I don't think I slept till 1 a.m. both nights. So maybe I might need to listen to that and shift my schedule. We will see. I just don't particularly like getting up that late. So maybe it also means I just get less sleep because there's definitely like a lull during the day where I feel like I don't even want to be awake, but then I push through it. And then at some point, all of the energy comes back and it like, I don't know, it's like a train, you know, um, and I don't know what that's about. And some of it probably has to do with food, um, but yeah, that's been really interesting is like after I eat dinner most nights, um, it comes back. So and also like today, you know, just like nothing was as entertaining as I really wanted it to be, even though I wanted to like take a break, I guess my brain is telling me I don't want to take a break, actually.

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The speaker reflects on their energy levels and desire for relaxation, noting a struggle between the need for rest and the fear of wasting time. They commit to making gyoza for dinner and setting a timer to ensure they don't spend too much time on YouTube, planning to meditate and then decide whether to engage in creative or leisure activities.

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After successfully waking up on time today and feeling satisfied with the early start, I plan to make it a nightly routine to wake up at 5:30 a.m. for coffee, breakfast, and quiet time for strategic thinking, particularly about my business plan. Additionally, I aim to complete personal tasks such as doing laundry and meal planning. I'll work until around 1 p.m. before meeting Nick to discuss work related to a spreadsheet and the possibility of negotiating one or two months of free rent.

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I had an energetic afternoon which started with a bike ride to an unnamed café near the university for espresso. Spending time mostly outdoors, I worked with two notebooks and my iPad, realizing that the lack of a traditional computer and a change of environment encouraged different styles of thinking. This alternative thinking helped me make progress towards creating something akin to a pitch deck. Afterward, I went for another bike ride to channel my excess energy and am now planning my weekend, focusing on preparing for the upcoming week rather than working intensively.

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I had planned to wake up at 5:30 this morning but chose to sleep in until 6:30 because I needed more rest. It's now 7:15, and I'm starting my day. I went to bed too late last night and am not satisfied with getting only six hours of sleep; seven or seven and a half hours is more preferable. Now it's time to get rip in and begin the day's activities.

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I overslept by 20 minutes this morning due to feeling unwell, but waking up at 5:50 am rather than 5:30 am doesn't concern me too much. Despite not being on time, I appreciate how rising early shapes the start of my day. After waking, I had coffee and planned to make eggs soon to address my hunger. My thoughts are occupied with the challenges of getting a startup off the ground, acknowledging that it's a significant undertaking but ultimately a positive one.

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The concept of the "light switch effect" was first acknowledged during the early stages of a nomadic journey to San Diego when the challenges of settling into new Airbnbs became apparent. The effect extends beyond literal light switches, encompassing the acclimatization process to a new environment, inclusive of locating essentials like coffee shops, understanding local laundry methods, and remembering Airbnb rules. As time passed and relocations became more frequent and environments more complex—such as moving to Mexico—the cognitive load of managing everyday logistics began to impede the ability to engage in productive, creative work. This effect has been termed the "light switch effect," which serves as a reminder to account for the decreased work capacity due to logistical overhead when planning transitions between multiple locations.

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I fulfilled my 2024 goal of deepening relationships tonight. I rode my bike looking for puddles to splash in after the rain, but found none. Instead, I had a rewarding conversation with Claire and Sam at Ichiban. This interaction was very satisfying.