"Embracing Outdoor Adventures with Friends: Making Plans with Jono, Alex, and Chandler"

Feb 11, 2024 - 9:45pmSummary: The speaker expresses a desire to spend time outdoors with friends, specifically mentioning outings with Jono, Alex, and Chandler. They're looking forward to the improving weather as an opportunity to make these plans happen. While the speaker intends to follow up on these ideas, they're not ready to send a message about it just yet. Instead, they plan to write a reminder for the next day, so as not to forget the proposed visits, especially with Jono.

Comment: Following through

Transcript: One of the things that I would like to do is kind of help follow through with plans too. So I'd love to go out to Culp with Jono and just be able to enjoy the outside and just you know the presence of another great human being and thinking on that also wanting to do that with Alex and Chandler pretty soon I think. I think the weather is gonna start getting good enough for us to do that and it would be really fantastic to get that going. So I am going to write that down for tomorrow. I don't really want to send that text right now but I do want to do that and I also do want to do something with Jono. I don't know when but that's one of those things where like I'd love to be just reminded for a weekend like hey remember you know I go go to go to see Jono.

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"Thoughts on Sending a Thank You Note to Jono and Offering Garden Items"

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Tomorrow, I plan to send a thank you note to everyone, including Jono. I'll inquire about giving him items for his garden and figure out how to arrange that. I'm also contemplating what the arrangement might entail. That's my current thought process.

Reunion, Reflections, and Potential Growth

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Today was eventful with a pleasant dinner party I hosted for Caroline, Patrick, and Kyle, reuniting this group for the first time in two years. The evening was filled with meaningful conversations, vulnerability, and appreciation for the company. I also visited Nick to help with their business spreadsheets, exploring potential additional income. Tomorrow's plans include a bike ride to Mnemonic to spend time writing and reflecting on recent discussions, fueled by energy and an espresso.

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I had a productive call with Jamie, during which we discussed my ideas and strategies for effectively pitching them. Jamie gave me tips on improving user experience and the importance of showing a polished concept over a rudimentary but functional prototype. We touched on the balance between immediate buildable aspects and long-term vision, emphasizing the importance of clarity in communicating how short-term plans align with the long-term future. I am grateful for Jamie's encouragement and advice, and I'm looking forward to possibly working with friends like Austin to further explore and demonstrate the potential of my ideas.

"Navigating Self-Approval and Seeking Intrinsic Value"

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The speaker received notifications of Chiaki editing shared notes, initially feeling anger but later sensing less of it. Chiaki went to Austin to visit Kristen and Dave, which seemed to have a positive impact on her. The speaker reflected on the sadness and pain of their relationship and felt uncertain about their own future. They expressed deep sadness in losing Chiaki and Gabi, feeling a sense of loss and loneliness, and struggling with a newfound sense of self. The speaker contemplated calling Austin and expressed feeling very lonely. The speaker reflects on leaving a traumatic friendship and the lasting impact it had on them, leading to fear and reluctance to confront the situation. They express a desire to focus on personal growth and self-approval, acknowledging the need to overcome a fear of disapproval and find confidence in their ideas and self-worth. The internal struggle between seeking external validation and finding intrinsic value in their own ideas and self-worth is evident in their introspection. The speaker recognizes the need to revisit their goals for personal development and give themselves space to grow beyond the trauma. The speaker emphasizes the importance of self-validation and independence, expressing the idea that one's worth and ideas are inherently valuable, and do not require external approval. They reflect on their own need for growth and self-improvement and express missing a person, comparing their relationship to being on vacation - a hedonistic experience that they may not want permanently. The speaker wrestles with the idea of being solely reliant on external approval and wrestles with the dynamics of their relationship and sense of self. The person expresses the joy of spending time with friends outdoors and considers doing similar activities alone, such as hiking and camping. They reflect on the significance of observing their family and a successful long-term partnership, emphasizing the importance of accepting someone's quirks. Additionally, they share their sensitivity towards feeling jealous that a friend spent time with others in person, expressing a desire for deeper connections with their friends and a commitment to fostering these relationships. The speaker expresses genuine concern about someone's well-being and hopes they are not experiencing health issues. They reflect on receiving gifts and letters from this person, which serves as a reminder of the past and prompts thoughts about the nature of their past interactions. They question whether they were truly enjoying moments together and ponder their own ability to find happiness in solitude. Additionally, they contemplate the type of relationships and experiences they seek, considering their desire for change on a larger scale and questioning if that aligns with their true wishes. The speaker expresses a sense of responsibility towards self-care and concern for the world, emphasizing the importance of understanding personal meaning. They highlight the significance of physical activity such as swimming and facing challenges while also valuing engaging with individuals striving for change. The speaker questions the lack of action when similar issues are acknowledged and ponders on ways to maximize existing resources. Ultimately, they seek to connect with others through deep conversations and explore the meaning of being human in a meaningful way. The speaker is finding everything challenging and plans to take a break to listen to John Verbeke for 10 minutes before calling Austin and Alex later in the day.

"Breakfast Tacos, Surfing, and Reflection at Del Mar"

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I enjoyed making breakfast tacos and surfing at Del Mar with Chandler, appreciating both the company and the activity after a long hiatus. The waves were relatively mellow at four to five feet, contributing to a serene surfing experience. The day brought a refreshing change of pace, focusing on writing and reflection rather than my usual building activities. Overall, it was a good and relaxed start to the morning with contemplation as the primary agenda for the day.

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I fulfilled my 2024 goal of deepening relationships tonight. I rode my bike looking for puddles to splash in after the rain, but found none. Instead, I had a rewarding conversation with Claire and Sam at Ichiban. This interaction was very satisfying.

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After a hike, I encountered Steph, leading to ongoing communication about hosting events. We discussed her co-organized salon on the AI alignment problem in March and my interest in hosting a website-building event during startup week, potentially in April or May. We also contemplated a tool for managing our projects and events, like a specialized project management software. Further, we talked about the connection between online communities and the physical gatherings they can inspire, emphasizing the cyclical relationship between the two.

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The text provides details about a long walk taken by the speaker, covering approximately seven miles, with a route that included both trails in the neighborhood and back streets and alleys. The speaker expresses a preference for the diversity and unpredictability of alleys compared to paved streets, highlighting the organic shapes and structures found there. Overall, the walk improved the speaker's mood, and they reflect on the positive effects of movement. The speaker also mentions the possibility of doing more work and appreciating the sunset.

A Winter's Day to Remember


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Two people are sitting on a wooden ledge flanked by bare trees, with residential buildings in the background. The ground and steps in the foreground are partially covered in snow, and there are clear patches where the snow has melted. The individuals appear to be enjoying a sunny day despite the cool surroundings suggested by their winter attire. The leaves on the trees are gone, indicating that it is either winter or late autumn. The male has casual clothing with a prominent watch on his left wrist and hands clasped, while the female is wearing a bright mustard-colored sweater, black leggings, and distinctive red boots with a fur trim. Both are smiling and seem to be in relaxed, cheerful spirits.

"Productive Monday Morning: Projects, Intentions, and Explorations"


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The speaker did not complete their weekly review, which usually provides clarity and insights for the upcoming week. Despite this, they have many projects, personal life commitments, and community efforts to attend to, not to mention taxes. They plan to set week intentions using voice instead of writing, including the exploration of websites for the Diagram Website Explorers Club and developing a Canvas element-based editor for Daily Jam. The technical aspects of this project involve real-time data updates, efficient pixel manipulation, and secure user authentication through tokenization. A function is set to run every five seconds to update the canvas with the latest pixel data, ensuring all viewers see a consistent image while minimizing performance impacts. Other tasks include preparing tax paperwork, organizing Boulder events for systems and AI, and sketching ideas for a project called "co-net." The intention is to spend more time outdoors in the nice weather and to schedule the next "Site Craft Hang," while thinking about potential content for the "Explorers Club" website. Overall, it's a productive Monday morning with good weather contributing to a positive start to the week.