"Morning Musings: Neural Networks, Coffee, and Menu Decisions"

Feb 11, 2024 - 12:03pmSummary: I spent the morning watching Andrej Karpathy's videos on neural networks and trying to grasp backpropagation and transformer neural networks but still lack a solid understanding. I missed breakfast but did have coffee, and now I plan to go to Costco and grab lunch, unsure where. I also had a pleasant check-in call with Austin about the project, which I appreciated. For dinner, I'm undecided between cooking salmon or steak.

Comment: Morning

Transcript: So I had a morning of watching Andrej Karpathy's videos on neural nets and just trying to get a better understanding of how they work, how backprop works in code, as well as how do you implement transformer-based neural networks. Still don't have a fantastic idea. I will need to spend more time specifically on his transformer video. I started skipping through it halfway. I have some conceptual understanding, I think, but it's still quite bad. So that's how I spent my morning. I did not eat breakfast. I did have coffee. And I am going to go to Costco now. And I also had a call with Austin, which was really nice, and he was checking in on me on the project. I really, really appreciate that. So I think I'm going to go to Costco and probably go get lunch somewhere. I don't know where yet, but yeah, that's kind of my plan. Dinner, I think I have salmon that I'll probably have today. Or I'll cook a steak. Not sure. But we'll kind of take that as it comes, I guess, and go from there.

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Today involved watching the Super Bowl, feeling disappointed about the 49ers' loss, and preparing meals including steak for dinner with more food like ramen and salmon for the coming days. Personal achievements included some work on a spreadsheet project and watching educational videos by Andrej Karpathy. Despite also updating the main burrito.place website, feelings of underachievement persist due to slow progress on a project and unresolved uncertainties. Plans for tomorrow include surfing at Swammy's and confronting the aforementioned uncertainties.

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Today was eventful with a pleasant dinner party I hosted for Caroline, Patrick, and Kyle, reuniting this group for the first time in two years. The evening was filled with meaningful conversations, vulnerability, and appreciation for the company. I also visited Nick to help with their business spreadsheets, exploring potential additional income. Tomorrow's plans include a bike ride to Mnemonic to spend time writing and reflecting on recent discussions, fueled by energy and an espresso.

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