"Finding My Voice: Navigating Publishing and the Creative Process"

Jan 19, 2024 - 8:55pmSummary: I've successfully published my work, which was an arduous yet rewarding process. On reflection, I realize I want to express myself authentically in my own voice, while also considering the need to help others understand my perspective. Looking ahead, I plan to maintain a regular output, potentially alternating days, to keep the stream of content going. In parallel, I'm excited to start developing new projects, including making my work easily accessible to others and laying the groundwork for a decentralized social network that supports various types of media.

Transcript: What an absolute rollercoaster. I published and that was great. But man, the amount of work to get there is really, really high. Yeah, feels good. Feels good to get something out and get something out that makes sense and is in my voice. Part of me wants to just write in the voice of like, making assertions that are like, I believe to be like factual and make sense. But I think maybe I have to on-ramp other people into thinking, into my thinking. Maybe that is true, maybe it's not. I guess we'll find out. But this is a nice little first deal. Tomorrow I will put another fucking thing out there. And then the next day we'll put another one. And another one after that. And another one after that. And another one after that. Maybe not even one every day. Maybe like one every other day or some shit. Just like maybe keep the content pipeline flowing or something, I don't fucking know. Yeah, I'm so tired now. That was hard work. So yeah, now my brain is a bit more free and I can start working on some other things like, well, I really want to get this into other people's hands to be able to deploy it fairly easily. And then also start building scaffolding for some kind of social network, decentralized social network, I guess. As well as how do you post to it and better input methods. Probably want to do photos, videos, and text. As well as something that's not a file. All of those seem very important to me. So we're gonna have to think about that, do that, and then rebuild some of the query system to handle it better. That's life. But here we are. We're doing the thing.

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