"The Exhausted Innovator: Balancing Work and Personal Fulfillment"

Jan 26, 2024 - 6:36pmSummary: Feeling exhausted but content, the speaker reflects on their constant work and aspirations to improve processes, like making John's burrito preparation faster. They acknowledge that their current project may have flaws, but see potential for it to be a dynamic back-end platform with multiple uses. The speaker expresses a desire to create something novel and valuable, while also fostering a space for both public and private sharing. Amidst these professional goals, they cherish personal connections, such as a satisfying morning of surfing with friends.

Transcript: I am so tired. It is crazy. Feel like I've just been working. It's good though. Just an endless list of things to do, basically. And improvements to make, and yeah, just happy, excited, and tired. And kind of excited because, you know, I saw John's burrito entree earlier, and it's reminding me that, like, I mean, I would love to make that process for him much faster and easier. Like the burrito, fundamentally, in some ways, is just a back-end platform. What ever website is being built here and now is just an example of what can be built. It is one of many expressions. It is not singular, it is not the only expression, and that's something that I didn't cover in any of the videos that I shot. I also didn't cover that everything is going to be broken and buggy and shitty. That's just the reality. It should work relatively well, but it's probably not going to be perfect. But yes, I'm just reminded the promises there, and having the conversation that I had with Jordan this morning, I know I'm thinking about something fairly clearly. The back-end seems very clear to me. It seems like there are lots of use cases because I can just keep hammering things. It seems like a versatile tool. Probably needs some refinement, and maybe I am entirely off-base, and this is just part of GPT's normal capabilities, and maybe I haven't done anything fundamentally that interesting. That's also very possible. But I'd like to try to make something interesting on top of it, something new and fresh, and I do want a space where I can share a lot, and vibrantly, and also share where some of it's private, and some of it's public, and some of it's to different friends, and XYZ. I really do genuinely want that. I want to share much more to the internet, and also connect deeper with more people. That's something I really care about, something I want to do more. I'm just stoked I got to connect with people this morning surfing. That was great. I love that, and I want to do more of that as well. So yes, this is another entree, man.

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