"Efficiently Reviewing and Sharing Personal Musings"

Jan 4, 2024 - 8:19pmSummary: The user is curious about summarizing their thoughts in the last 24 hours to have a solid understanding of their previous musings when they return to the computer. They also want to create a social mechanism to share their thoughts and interests with others in a way that is algorithmically related to their own interests, without coming across as trying to show off. They express a preference for audio recordings over writing and anticipate the process of reviewing their nightly thoughts as potentially painful. Overall, they aim to implement a solution to streamline this task.

Transcript: I am also very, very curious, well, two things. One is summarizing the last 24 hours, basically, so I can get an idea of what I've been thinking about in the last 24 hours. So when I come the next day, back to the computer, I have a solid understanding of where I left off the day before, and I don't have to be explicitly writing. And the second part is trying to figure out some kind of social mechanism for putting this information out there. Like the things that I'm saying, like thinking how I wish to consume this information, because I would like this kind of information coming towards me. If John has one of these, again, I really would like to have that feed that is algorithmically, in some way, very related to things that I care about. And that the things that I care about, other people can get some insights in. And again, partially making that very visible up front by just what I'm saying, like putting that on a webpage. Here are the things that I'm interested in right now, and historically, what I have been interested in, based on my actions, as well as what I'm saying. And then I also would love to be able to consume that from other people, and to some degree, have it less of a show, not like trying to show off, like this is what I'm doing and what I'm thinking, but like a bit more objectively of this is what I'm thinking, and this is what I've been doing. At least in the sense, I'm having to record audio and do it. I guess I could write the same things, and yeah. But for me, I guess maybe that's just not the medium that I wish to operate in. So this is more stuff, and I'm going to have to review everything from this evening, tomorrow, which is probably going to be an immense pain, and I'm probably going to fix that problem as soon as possible, because yeah. But yeah, that's it.

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