"Strategic Dinner Conversations"

Feb 10, 2024 - 10:19pmSummary: For dinner, the individual enjoyed their leftover salmon with rice, kale salad, and some croutons. They had an intense and productive phone conversation with Ellie where they shared the progress of their work and discussed Ellie's expertise in spreadsheets and data. There's an intention to refine a presentation deck that clearly demonstrates significant value, aiming to implicitly show the potential of over a hundred million dollars without stating it outright. They also touched upon the importance of including social elements in their approach and mentioned their background as a builder in the web 3 space, stressing the significance of decentralized protocols.

Comment: Yesterdays dinner + notes

Transcript: For dinner I had my leftover salmon, the rice and kale salad, plus just like a handful of croutons because I guess I wanted croutons. Yeah, that was really nice. I just got off the phone with Ellie and holy crap, we just zoomed through fucking hyperspace. I just, I just downloaded to him like everything I've been working on. Actually, there's like probably stuff I forgot to cover. Actually, I know there was stuff I forgot to cover and that is, that's wild, man. That was wild. It was like a full, it was like a full send like through the universe and and Yeah, I'm very curious to know what he's gonna say in the future and I mean it was an absolute pleasure talking with him and learning about spreadsheets and you know his wizardry and yeah, I don't know, it's really interesting and of course like he has an immense set of data too, which is really cool. And yeah, it would be really interesting to see like how to work with that and you know his question about TabGarden and all of this is like, yep. Yeah, really, really great call. It's just like so much that we went through and yeah, I Yeah, really stoked. I don't know what to do and I had a bit of messaging with Jamie and I guess we'll see. I just sent him some crazy shit. So Yeah, I yeah, I don't know. I probably need to have another call with him to like show him what I've built because it's like a lot and I probably need help compressing it a bit. But yeah, I guess like I guess tomorrow probably figuring out what the deck looks like to some degree is kind of gonna be the thing like what is the meat and potatoes of the deck? Again like I Again like without showing Basically like showing value very obviously that's like kind of my goal more or less is to show like hundred plus million dollars in value without saying it explicitly. That's that's like my goal and If I can do that, then I think I think it'll be a like a good a fairly decent success I'm sure it won't be perfect and I'm sure there'll be problems and a bunch of people saying no, but Yeah, I think that there's I can try that and try a few frames and read it myself and you know try to disassociate myself emotionally from it and Be like yes, this tells a clear story. This story is You know effectively Yeah, we're we're gonna be integrated into everyone's daily life And this is the story of tab and all of this and I'm taking a markedly different approach and And that's that's kind of the point and I think this approach, you know has a much greater possibility of success Partially because all of these other approaches forgot social and that there needs to be a protocol at the end of the day if you ask me, it's clear like we have these decentralized protocols and yeah, I was a builder in web 3 so I Give a shit about that, you know, and I was not just like a Random builder. I like made some shit. So Yeah

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Today was eventful with a pleasant dinner party I hosted for Caroline, Patrick, and Kyle, reuniting this group for the first time in two years. The evening was filled with meaningful conversations, vulnerability, and appreciation for the company. I also visited Nick to help with their business spreadsheets, exploring potential additional income. Tomorrow's plans include a bike ride to Mnemonic to spend time writing and reflecting on recent discussions, fueled by energy and an espresso.

"Empowering Conversations: Nurturing Creativity and Content Creation"

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I had several engaging phone calls with friends like Cody and John, discussing various topics and working through ideas. Cody asked insightful questions and I shared my thoughts extensively, which led to valuable discussions on content creation, including framing and writing blog posts. I am motivated to keep producing and sharing content regularly, even simple daily updates, as part of prioritizing my efforts. Overall, I'm grateful for the conversations, the reminders of aiming to make tech accessible to everyone, and for the support in planning future building and expressing the essence of my work.

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I had a productive call with Jamie, during which we discussed my ideas and strategies for effectively pitching them. Jamie gave me tips on improving user experience and the importance of showing a polished concept over a rudimentary but functional prototype. We touched on the balance between immediate buildable aspects and long-term vision, emphasizing the importance of clarity in communicating how short-term plans align with the long-term future. I am grateful for Jamie's encouragement and advice, and I'm looking forward to possibly working with friends like Austin to further explore and demonstrate the potential of my ideas.

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The speaker had an eventful day, pondering about the challenges of data input while considering tab as a better alternative. They also reflected on the importance of finding balance and engaging in outdoor activities. After accidentally spilling water on the couch, they spent the rest of the day sewing and improving their skills. They mentioned the completion of their mom's sweatshirt and the priority of finishing their dad's garment. The speaker also expressed anticipation for a call with Dave the following day. The speaker begins by expressing uncertainty about the need for assistance and the importance of finding a solution, and then transitions into a discussion about their activities, including sewing and debating whether to go climbing. They also mention interactions with others, including a visitor and a call with someone working on a home assistant project. They express curiosity about artificial intelligence and self-reflection about their choices and the validity of their concerns. The underlying theme revolves around the need for accessible and contextual data and the desire to visualize and understand their thoughts and emotions. The speaker is pondering the potential of representing human thought in a computer and visualizing data. They question the user experience of digging into menus to see past interactions, suggesting that simple reminders may be more effective. They also explore the visual representation of a person by AI, wondering about its accuracy. Additionally, they express a personal interest in statistical information, such as the number of days spent with a specific individual. Lastly, they mention their intention to read the Pure Aloha Oath, emphasizing the importance of living with pure Aloha in all thoughts and actions. The speaker commits to embodying love and compassion in all their interactions with others, seeing everyone as part of a connected global community. They aspire to achieve inner peace and happiness by living each moment with unconditional love and open-heartedness. While acknowledging the challenges of consistently living by this oath, they are determined to strive towards being a better, more thoughtful, caring, and kind person. The speaker reflects on the practical aspects of their life, such as cleaning up a mess and organizing their home, and expresses frustration about technological complexities and the desire to track and visualize their daily activities. The speaker discusses potential job opportunities and muses about conversing with an AI that replicates their own brain, similar to the movie "Her." They express a desire to be part of something worthwhile and mention needing to respond to someone named Chroma. They contemplate talking to themselves and sorting through their thoughts, feeling enthusiastic about the subjects they want to share with the world, such as photolithography. Additionally, they reference finding better platforms for sharing information and react to a message from someone they contacted about acquiring a slackline. The text seems to be a conversation or stream of consciousness, with repetition of names and phrases. The speaker expresses uncertainty about what to say in response to a message, indicating a lack of understanding. The speaker seems to contemplate keeping in touch and checking in on the new year. However, there is an overall sense of confusion and difficulty in articulating thoughts. Dr. Lingonberry, an individual's friend, has been absent and has developed progressive memory loss. The cause of this is due to a diagnosis of a brain tumor. This diagnosis has led to both consequences of memory impairment and the presence of a brain tumor. These combined factors have significantly impacted Dr. Lingonberry's health and well-being.

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Today has been a challenging day, with the speaker feeling overwhelmed by logistical tasks like taxes and job inquiries. They had a productive conversation with Danny but were left feeling aware of the amount of work ahead. They are also pondering ways to make money and considering the potential of experimenting with data and language models. The speaker is interested in the concept of "brain twin" and is curious about using it in a group setting with others, possibly collaborating with someone named John.

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The speaker conveys their frustration with a difficult fundraising experience, describing a particularly unsatisfactory video call with a fund representative. The caller was in a bad mood, hadn't reviewed the provided materials, and hesitated to engage with the product's features. This led to a tense exchange where the speaker challenged the representative's commitment to valuing founders versus purely focusing on financial metrics. Feeling disillusioned, the speaker is left with a distaste for these disengaged "NPCs" and remains focused on their vision of fostering creative and engaging spaces.

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After a hike, I encountered Steph, leading to ongoing communication about hosting events. We discussed her co-organized salon on the AI alignment problem in March and my interest in hosting a website-building event during startup week, potentially in April or May. We also contemplated a tool for managing our projects and events, like a specialized project management software. Further, we talked about the connection between online communities and the physical gatherings they can inspire, emphasizing the cyclical relationship between the two.

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Pascal, from Brooklyn, is excited to engage with a new social network and a burrito he just tried. He's currently experiencing winter weather and has consumed a weed gummy before diving into work on the Tanaki app with multiplayer live video features. He plans to get a massage to unwind physically and mentally. Pascal hopes for a feature that enables connection with his audience to avoid feeling isolated and looks forward to interacting with others on the platform.

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